AEO is a mosaic word for Authorized Economic Operator. The expression covers a quality insurance system that provides exclusive reconsideration with the customs authorities. The Authorized Economic Operators have a special status with customs authorities, who consider them to be reliable partners so they receive many benefits in customs administration, transportation and in other official fields. Altogether this means that the shipments without an AEO status are under a much stricter control.

AEO engedélyezett gazdálkodó

Obtaining the AEO certificate has nothing to do with the size of the company, weather it is a one-man company or a multinational company, anyone can apply for the AEO certificate. The AEO status is not just an opportunity; instead it has become an expectation in which all companies that deal with shipping and customs are required to have it.

An Authorized Economic Operator is defined within EU nations as a reliable business and thus the company receives many benefits within the EU member countries in the fields of customs administration. This status is accepted by all the EU nations regardless of where it was acquired. It is important to note that since 2008 the AEO license is a basic requirement of any EU tender application.